How to Leave a Group chat on iMessage

Group chat is always beneficial for us to start a conversation with a few peoples. If you are doing to group works or projects and you people cannot meet, this is the best way to get connect with other members. So, iMessage provide great service for that. But sometimes, iMessage group chat make us more disturb if it is not useful at all. At that time you get much more notifications, and you are getting disturbed to your works. So how to leave a group chat from iMessage easily ?In this article, we are going to provide the best way to leave an iMessage group chat . Let's see what are those.

How to leave a group chat

You can try any of below way to leave an iMessage group chat.


Mute the Group

Mute the group is the very first thing that you can try. Then you will not be needed to leave the conversation. If you want to check the group message later, you can go to group chat and read the messages. In Mute the Group, you will not get any iMessage notification. But group chat is updating. Nobody can see that you mute the group chat.
How To Mute a Message Conversation on iPhone or iPad

1. Open message app and Tap on the group chat you want yo mute
2. Tap on the info (top of the message).
3. for older iOS versions tap on "i" mark for details
4. Turn on the toggle switch to Hide Alerts

Leave a group chat on iMessage

If you want to leave a group chat, It means you will no longer get a group message you leave and. You cannot check any updated message. Here is the way to do it.

1.Select the group chat you want to leave and go to details.
2.Scroll down until you find the "Leave This Conversation" option.
3.Once you tap on it, you will leave from that group chat.

These are the two ways that you can leave from the iMessage group chat. I hope this article helps you to solve your "how to leave a group chat." If you have any other ways, leave a comment with that.


Download Apple iMessage for Windows PC

As we all know that, iMessage is a message service come up with iOS devices. Such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod. This is also basic text message service with improved more features. You can attach images, sound clips, videos, links and many more. The important feature is this iMessage on pc send the message through mobile data. Which mean if you are in a wifi zone or mobile data connection, you can send iMessage to others without losing any SMS quota from your mobile account. Today we will guide you how to install iMessage on Pc.



There is no specific software to install iMessage on Pc. But we have some possible ways to install iMessage for pc. We will use Chrome remote desktop tool to send iMessage from your windows pc. Let's see how to get iMessage on pc with easiest working method to with awesome gudeline. Make sure to follow this guideline correctly.

The requirement to get iMessage for PC

  • Working iMessage service with Mac
  • Windows OS running PC
  • Good internet connections for both Mac and Windows PC

How to install iMessage on Windows PC

  • Go to Mac and launch safari, download google chrome web browser to your Mac and install it.
  • Now you need to search "Chrome remote desktop extension". Download and install in to google chrome.
  • Once you installed Chrome remote desktop tool, Open it.
  • You will get 12 digits code from Chrome remote desktop extension. Just write down it.
  • Now go to windows pc and download google chrome and install it.
  • After that search Chrome remote desktop extension for chrome,
  • You can download and install it to the chrome web browser.
  • Open the Chrome remote desktop tool; it will ask 12 Digits code.
  • You can provide 12 digits code where you got from Mac.
  • Once you entered the code, you will have access to Mac from your Windows PC.

This is the method work so far without an issue. You can use any apps than iMessage because you have full control Mac from windows pc.Just send iMessage from your Windows PC to your family and friends. Hope this help, and we will discuss another method to send iMessage from PC with next article.